Your princess is in another castle Your princess is in another castle


still waiting


ドラマダ詰① | 山寺@長老 
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Art Meme!!!



Send a number + a character and I’ll draw them:

  1. In what they normally wear
  2. In what I’m currently wearing
  3. In a school uniform
  4. In swimwear
  5. In underwear
  6. With no clothes on
  7. In winter clothes
  8. In fancy clothes
  9. Making 3 different expressions
  10. Standing on their hands
  11. With their favorite animal
  12. Hanging out with a friend
  13. Sitting on the couch
  14. Doing something they don’t normally do
  15. Eating
  16. Playing a sport
  17. Beaten up
  18. As a kid/adult
  19. Wearing a funny hat
  20. Sleeping


クリ蒼づめ | citi
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i bet she has all those arms to deal with her hair



do you sometimes just start reading fanfiction and you’re like



If you played dmmd you know the story, The prince gets a secret message from the captive princess who’s locked in a tower. He starts a journey where he meets people and defeats his enemies becoming stronger and in the end, he finds the princess…who ends up being his brother.

I thought it would be fun to make an illustration as if it was a “classic” story. Also in spanish we say “blue prince” instead of prince charming (because they are royalty, their blood is supposed to be blue). So it makes sense in every way *u*


Sly being a cocky little shit, getting into fights and leading on people for kicks while Sei just sweetly urges him to be more careful, Aoba you shouldn't be so reckless, Aoba please be more considerate. He puts on such a worried, sincere innocent front when really it pisses him off to no end, maybe Sly would earn his lesson if he was knocked down a peg or two. Oh but, he loves his little brother so much, he would nEVER-

please continue