Your princess is in another castle Your princess is in another castle

I sleep about 4 hours and i’m really tired


Imagine an "Aoba takes Sei home, Sei lives" AU. Aoba tries so hard to introduce Sei to all his friends and everyone he knows on the island. He's so excited that Sei is better, and he can get to know his big brother he never had! Sei, on the other hand, could not care less about Aoba's friends and is just enamored with Aoba. Aoba (or the idea of Aoba) has basically been Sei's life. Aoba talks about his friends, and Sei is too busy staring at Aoba's lips to pay any attention.


Alright alright alright

Imagine Aoba being generous enough to supply Sei with a room all to himself, and then waking up in the morning with a mop of black hair splayed across his bare chest with his sleeping brother curled up right beside him. Imagine Aoba growing completely embarrassed over it, but Sei wakes up with a sleepy smile and, paying no mind to it all and giving him a soft little kiss on the cheek as a good morning…just thinking about going a little further over and kissing his lips.

"Good morning.." Sei greets tiredly, pulling up the blankets further around them, not wanting to leave their little sanctuary. 

"Uh…good morning…" Aoba would reply, a little confused. Sei would tell him that he just didn’t want to be lonely, and that his chest was so comfy~

Koujaku was coming over today, Aoba announced, trying to smooth down his brother’s unruly bedhead. 

Sei stiffens…Koujaku? He was coming over a lot nowadays, and if he wasn’t mistaken, Koujaku seemed to be developing some rather…unacceptable affections towards his twin.

Maybe if he just knocked Koujaku off his pedestal Aoba would return to be his and only his again. It wouldn’t be the first time he has mentally hurt someone for the sake of his brother…and it wouldn’t bother him to do it again.  


so I've finished dmmd, all the bad ends, all the good ends (or so I thought) but I'm missing ren cg no.6 and a recollection scene? I'be seen both the eaten alive bad end and the ren's in the hospital good end. What did I miss? :o

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tips against envy for other artists?

  • you are your own artist
  • nobody can do the shit that you do
  • you have no competition. art isn’t a competition
  • don’t compare yourself to anyone else.
  • don’t strive to be better than anyone else.
  • strive to be better than YOU are now 


How N+C made Sly Blue


How the fandom made Sly Blue



petition to teach tumblr the difference between a headcanon and an au


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