Your princess is in another castle Your princess is in another castle


"Sei-san, you have two hours."

Alternative ending image to this old set, thought it didn’t fit as well with the rest in addition to having a tricky composition. This particular scenario could be plausible with Noiz’s, Mink’s, or Ren’s (if Aoba’s body gets captured) bad endings imo. With Clear’s, obviously any mental damage can’t be undone with Scrap, but Aoba’s missing parts could be replaced with advanced prosthetics. It’s the future after all \o/


Yes. We made aoba cupcakes.


Sei waking up in the middle of the night to realize he's being straddled. Aoba leaning down to nuzzle against his shoulder, his neck, pressing a few wet kisses and whispering his name in such a needy, sultry manner... Sei's confused expression darkens and he grips Aoba by his shoulders, shoving him off and onto the mattress. Aoba just lies there a bit, blinking slowly, until he starts chuckling lightly. "You're so rough, onii-chan~" Sei grabs his pillow wordlessly and moves to the living room.



He’d probably do this every night with different methods to see if he can finally break him, though Sei has a surprisingly high amount of restraint.

Even then though, Sly can still sometimes hear the muffled gasps coming from the bathroom in the middle of the night. So it ain’t that damn high.

Now if only he can hear those sounds a little closer.

The real kicker is that it becomes really obvious to Sei what he’s trying to do, but Sei wants to be a good brother and refuses to let some thirsty-ass personality of Aoba’s get the best of him, even when he wantonly begs for Sei to completely mess him up until he couldn’t stand anymore, or all the things he imagines him doing to his body that they could make a reality if he just gives it up and play with him.

But no.

Even when every corner of Sei’s mind screams at him to take ‘Aoba’ then and there, he can’t. Not if it isn’t what his Aoba wants.

…His Aoba?

As he would lay there on the couch that night coming to terms with his own thoughts, he hears a chuckle above him.

"I’m his desire. I just go for what he really wants, you know.”

Sei turns away from him.

"Go back to bed before I do something we both regret."


I’m bad at prompts, but something with Sei and Aoba as children with the both of them growing up in Midorijima without Tae? Kind of fending for themselves and relying heavily on Scrap as protection. Sei especially would feel protective of Aoba, probs
I’m not sure how would something like that work for them. I imagine they’d have somehow escaped from the labs on their own at a very young age, and by then they’re still attached to each other. Aoba (I figure he’d have a different name??) and Sei have developed their individual personalities despite being raised in the same conditions. Aoba is hot-headed and rebellious while his brother Sei is very patient and considerate, usually knows how to calm down his younger brother. They eventually realize that they won’t last long if they don’t know how to move separately, hence they decide to cut their hair by Aoba’s insistence, but they do it just little by little, because Aoba cries a lot during the procedure and both endure a lot of pain by doing it.
I know they are strong mutant test tube babies, but without anyone else to look after them, they won’t survive. I watched the grave of the fireflies and i’m very upset all of sudden
I don’t know how would this AU work, but thanks for suggesting!


i cant choose which ones better
sei would be the one to wake aoba up and he would try to be as gentle as possible because hes so happy that hes finally with his brother and wants to take care of him to make up all those years and then when aoba finally wakes up he would smile and then pout cause why would sei poke his face?? wow rude


Sly Blue 34

ok, the babe /34



I've noticed that you tag your posts including Sei as 'My husband' and I'm going to have to ask you to please stop. I identify as Sei and I did not consent to this and it does make me feel rather uncomfortable.




Sei, 61




Sei using two of those hands to pin Aoba down, gripping his wrists on either side of him while his free hands are able to leisurely explore his lithe, squirming body, touches skimming under the hem of shirt before snaking under and stroking at his soft skin.




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