Your princess is in another castle Your princess is in another castle


Sei: “Unfortunately, it’s quite the common occurance. Seeing as Aoba is currently in the most pure form of desire, he doesn’t make for the most faithful partner.”

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Imagine SeiAo/SlySei where Sei is bottoming, and Aoba/Sly is on top. It starts out with Aoba having sex with Sei, but Sly breaks free spontaneously which has never happened during sex before. Sei doesn’t mind, because he loves them both equally, but the sudden change of the style in which he’s being fucked is a bit of a shock to him.

Suddenly it changes from sweet to rough, and Sei can’t help but love it.

Then it switches back to Aoba, and throughout the rest of the time it keeps switching between Sly and Aoba fucking Sei. The sudden shifts between sweet and loving to harsh and sometimes even violent wracks Sei’s senses to the point of him being so turned on he begins to cry.

It’s like he’s getting to fuck both of them at once, and even though he knows that he always does technically do both, but they’re not both always present like they are this time. The idea of it is too much for him that it’s not long before he finishes, completely ruined and crying from the pleasure.

When the one on top finally finishes, Sei sees that it’s Aoba and smiles up at him. Only a few moments later, the eyes turn gold and dangerous. “Aoba’s the one that got to finish. It’s my turn now,” Sly purrs. Without a moment’s hesitation, he begins to fuck roughly back into Sei, despite Sei being completely hypersensitive from just having finished.

It’s one of the most intense things Sei’s ever experienced, and he fucking loves it.

i need more yandere!sei x aoba pls pls


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i find it rlly fuckin funny when straight homophobic dudes make shows with only dudes and then get surprised when they look in their fandom and it’s just gay porn 


wearing a blanket around the house like



Umm…I want to draw a handsome Sei but…